Furbell Russian Blues

Breeding beautiful, loving, pedigree Russian Blue cats and kittens for 30 years

About Furbell Russian Blues

The first Furbells
My first Russian Blue and founder of the Furbell cats was my beautiful girl Blue, full name Champion Geojoy Natasha.  When mated to Grand Champion Geojoy Duke she produced fantastic kittens, and appears in the pedigrees of all the Furbells.

Breed firsts at Furbell
I am particularly proud of Grand Premier Furbell Moonlight Shadow, born in 1983, who was the first ever female Russian Blue to win the title of Grand Premier.  Her brother Grand Champion & Grand Premier Furbell Dawn Delight was the first Russian Blue to win a grand title as an entire and a neuter.  In addition, my special boy
Gr Ch and UK Gr Pr Furbell Mousekin was the first Russian Blue to win the UK Grand Premier title.

Show successes
Although my primary consideration is producing healthy, loving kittens I have also had many show successes.  Title-winning Furbells include:

- Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier Furbell Mousekin
- Grand Champion & Grand Premier Furbell Dawn Delight
- UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer
- Grand Champion Furbell Sweet Dreams
- Grand Champion Furbell Tattycat
- Grand Premier Furbell Beautiful Friend
- Grand Premier Furbell Blue Bat
- Grand Premier Furbell Moonlight Shadow
- Champion Furbell Sapphire Blue
- Champion Furbell Secret Affair