Furbell Russian Blues

Breeding beautiful, loving, pedigree Russian Blue cats and kittens for 30 years

About my cats

I have two females, who occasionally have kittens, as well as my beautiful boy and my much-loved neuters and 'oldies':
UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer - Starry G
Stargazer is my very special boy, the son of Precious by UK & Imperial Gr Ch Serennol Dmitri (son and grandson of Furbell cats).  He has won Best of Variety/Best in Show seven times, and has two Olympian certificate and two reserve Olympians in addition to all his other awards. Stargazer wows his audience with his fantastic temperament as well as his handsome good looks!  He is producing beautiful kittens, including Imperial titled, Best of Breed and Best in Show winners. Sorry, but he is not at public stud. 
Grand Champion Champion Furbell Tattycat - Tattycat

Tattycat is another very special son of Precious, although his dad is Imperial Gr Ch Shoelina Chesnokov. As an adult he has won a Best of Variety, and a Best in Show win at the Russian Blues Breeders Association show in October 2012; and three Grand Challenges.  Everyone teases me that there's nothing tatty about this cat - except perhaps his best in show rosettes, which he has a bad habit of chewing!  Tattycat is my happily neutered pet now.
Furbell Mews Inbrief - Cami

Cami is also the daughter of Precious by UK & Imperial Grand Champion Serennol Dmitri, but is two years younger.  She is as sweet and loving as all of Precious' beautiful kittens.  I just had to keep her. Cami has proved to be a fantastic mother as well as having some success at shows, with one Challenge Certificate to her credit, clever girl. 


Furbell Aurora - Rora

My lovely young girl Rora is Cobweb's daughter, and another sweet and gentle girl.  She is still just a kitten, but I hope she will have kittens of her own when she is older.    

Furbell Sweetest Thing - Cobweb 

Cobweb is the daughter of Precious by UK & Imperial Grand Champion Serennol Dmitri and really lives up to her pedigree name - she is such a sweet and loving cat  She is also the litter sister of my show winning boy, UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer. Cobweb is now retired from breeding, but I have her lovely daughter Rora.



Serennol Purrfect Pawprint - Porscha

This lovely girl is also the daughter of UK & Imperial Grand Champion Serennol Dmitri and her mother is Serennol Furbell Catkin (who is the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Furbell cats).  Many thanks to her breeder Sarah Williams-Ellis. Porschia has had some lovely kittens, and is now enjoying her well-earned retirement.


Furbell Dream Catcher

My handsome young neutered boy is the son of Starry-G and Porscha, and has won two Premier Certificates as an adult, as well as a Best of Breed as a kitten.




Gone but not forgotten:

Sashova Furbell Fritillary - Precious
I was absolutely delighted when Val Price of Sashova Russian Blues entrusted me with this gentle, stunning girl.  Precious was the daughter of Grand Champion Sashova Romanovitch and Grand Champion Sashova Dashkova, and her legacy lives on through her wonderful kittens, including my beloved Starry-G, Tattycat and Cobweb.